Frequently Asked Questions

How dark can I tint my windows?

Different windows are allowed different percentages, different vehicles are allowed different percentages, and each state allows different percentages. The percentages are based on visible light transmittance (VLT). We can go over each of your vehicle’s specifications along with all of the different films we use to ensure you fully understand the laws.

Does the tint go on the inside or outside?

Whether it’s for your vehicle or for your residential/commercial building, the film is applied on the inside.

How long until I can use my car windows normally?

Based on the film we use, we recommend at least three full days, but the longer you wait the better (up to five days). The window film has a possibility to peel off when a window is used, if enough time has not passed to let it cure.

How long does it take for the tint to cure?

The cure time can vary. For example, carbon film installed during Florida’s summer time can fully cure within a few days, however ceramic film installed during the winter could take a few weeks. The film company’s warranty you receive will not cover a redo until it has been at least six weeks from the installation date. During this time, it is common to see small bubbles and streaks. They will likely disappear within six weeks.

How long before I can clean the inside of my window after being tinted?

We recommend not cleaning your windows for at least seven days. This time helps ensure that the coating has time to fully bond to the glass. To clean your glass, we recommend using a non-ammonia-based solution and wipe off lightly with a non-abrasive cloth. Use a mild soap with a clean, soft cloth.

Does window film prevent glass from breaking?

Window film can increase the safety of the glass mainly by the adhesive that is used. This helps hold pieces of broken glass together, however, it technically doesn’t prevent it from breaking.

Will the film affect my rear defroster lines?

The science behind installing film on the rear windshield actually improves how the defroster lines work, especially if ceramic film is used. The ceramic film helps distribute the heat more evenly throughout the glass.

Is there a warranty on my window film?

Yes. The window film that we use warrants the film against discoloration, peeling, adhesive failure, cracking, delaminating, oxidation and corrosion. It is not transferrable.

Is there a refund policy?

No. If you are unsatisfied with our work, we will do what we can, within reason, to make it right.

Do you install tint on residential and commercial buildings?

Yes. We highly recommend getting your residential or commercial windows tinted. We supply several different architecture films based on your needs. Tinting can help reduce your electric bill.

Do you price match or beat competitor’s prices?