7 Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows

Upgrading your home's windows doesn't need to involve the expense and hassle of a complete replacement. Adding a sheet of tinting film to each pane is quick, easy, and also brings plenty of benefits. Here are seven excellent reasons to install tinted windows in your home.

1) Reduce Energy Costs

On average, the number one cost of your home’s electric bill is heating/cooling which equate to approximately 45%-50% of the total bill. Tinted windows allow much less temperature transfer through the glass, helping to reduce energy bills. In the heat of summer, the sunlight doesn't pass through as easily to warm up your rooms, and so air conditioning is less of an essential. And in winter, the darker glass helps keep warmth inside and reduces the need for extra heating.

2) Consistent Temperatures

Tinted windows can also even out the temperature across your home. You're less likely to find some rooms baking in glasshouse heat while other shadier parts keep a chill. This increased consistency makes it easier to control the overall temperature of your home for a more comfortable environment at any time of year. If you know of a room in your house that just seems to be always hotter than the other rooms, tinting may all be that is needed.

3) Less Glare

By reducing the amount of glare coming into a room, tinted windows offer two advantages. First, they can reduce the amount of color fading that afflicts your furnishings and décor items, keeping them looking better for longer. And perhaps more importantly, reduced glare in summer means less eyestrain and fewer headaches on the hottest, sunniest days.

4) Protection from UV Rays

Window tinting material is formulated to block most if not all of the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The dangers of too much exposure to sun are well known, and tinted windows add another useful layer of protection for rooms which receive a lot of direct light.

5) Greater Privacy

Tinted windows make it more difficult to see into your home. If you live in a busy area with plenty of people passing by, tinting can bring a little extra privacy. It will make it more difficult for an intruder to know if you are home alone or not.

6) Increased Home Security

The improved privacy can also translate into increased home security. A potential burglar is much less likely to risk entering your home when tinted windows mean they can't be sure what awaits them. It only takes a small amount of discouragement for a criminal to pass on to an easier target, leaving your home safer and more secure.

7) Tougher Glass

Lastly, tinted windows also increase safety in one other important way. The tinting film adds strength to the glass, making it harder to break either by accident or by a would-be intruder. And what's more, if the glass does break the film will help hold it together rather than letting shattered shards spread over your home's interior.

For all these reasons and more, tinted windows are fast growing in popularity. If you're looking for a simple and quick way to improve your home, you should give tinting a try. Contact a local, professional trained, tinting company, like Dino Tint, and they will be able to provide the proper film for your scenario.