Residential/Commercial Tinting Services

Modern window films are engineered to filter or reflect specific wavelengths of solar energy. Our residential/commercial window film minimizes sun damage while helping to control cooling costs and adding a layer of safety to your living and work spaces. Our professionals here at Dino Tint can apply film to all types of glass. From impact windows to single pane glass, we can transform and enhance any window style in your home or business.

Flat Tint Removal

Whether your home window tint is fading, cracking, discoloring, peeling, or you are just ready for something new, tint removal is always best left to the professionals – or you may end up in a sticky situation. Dino Tint provides professional residential and commercial window tint removal services which employ specialized chemicals and tools to soften and remove old window tint and film. A special steamer is used, which when combined with a solvent, will completely dissolve the tint film to the point where the technician is able to just wipe off the tint.

Custom Part