What Is Dual-Reflective Window Film?

If you're looking for some extra privacy without hindering the outdoor view, you are not alone. This is a common scenario many people find themselves in. Many people love rooms that have a lot of windows because of the great outdoor view and it lets a ton of natural light in. The downside is it reduces a lot of privacy. This is a common issue, not just with residential buildings, but also many businesses like restaurants, retail shops, hotels, banks, and offices.

Standard reflective window films create the privacy, but they're reflective on both sides. This means, similar to being outside looking in, that when you're inside, you'll be looking at yourself instead of that great outdoor view. This is where the awesome technology of dual reflective film comes in and gets placed on a podium. If your windows get dressed with a dual reflective film, you'll be able to get the privacy that you want and need from the outside, without blocking your view of the outdoors.

Most people have not heard of a dual reflective film since it is not as well known. Many think adding film will make the inside of their building too dark, so they avoid it altogether. With dual-reflective films, you'll be able to obtain the privacy you want without blocking that great outdoor view. In addition, dual-reflective provide energy efficiency. On the outside, it is highly reflective, similar to a mirror, but on the inside, it's more more subtle. Even though you can still see through the film easily, it still blocks a lot of heat from coming inside. These types of films allows you to create some privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Some benefits and advantages for installing dual-reflective film on your home or office windows include:

  • Reflecting heat and improving indoor comfort
  • Reducing heat helps lower energy use and costs
  • Limiting indoor reflectivity to allow great outdoor views
  • Helping block glare that may interrupt watching television or other screen viewing
  • Blocking UV rays from the sun that causes fading to furniture and flooring
  • And for businesses, protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the customers in your building

With all of these benefits listed, it is well worth looking into having dual-reflective window films installed by a professional and reputable company, like Dino Tint in Englewood.